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“I never tell my body bad things; I don’t even bother. I sleep when I’m tired, I eat when I’m hungry, and if I feel it’s time to have sex with someone, I do.” - Noa Sade in her episode of the What’s Underneath Project

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Okay beautiful earthlings, something magnificent has happened. One of the volunteers that I worked closely with at the Blessed Bright Future Orphanage (Ghana) has become one of the finalists for the Volunteer Of The Year. This means, if she wins, $5000 will go towards building a sustainable project at the orphanage. I am begging you, please please vote for her! It is so simple but will mean that the home can plant crops (more nutrients from fruit & veg for the children) & they will also be able to sell it at the local markets (more income, rather than relying on volunteers!) If you would like to read more about the project & vote for her please please click on the link below!
Much love, G x

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